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We have successfully completed industrial painting projects for many of South Africa’s Largest Blue chip companies such as Premier Foods, South African Reserve Bank, Boiler and Industrial and Aunde as well as some well known SMME’s like Propshaft Centre, etc.

Having worked closely with our clients we understand not only the budgetary constraints but also the timing and safety aspects involved in undertaking any industrial coating project.

Some of the Industrial Painting services we offer are:

  • Wall, structure coatings
  • Gas Pipe Coatings
  • Machinery Coatings
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Roof Coatings
  • High Access Painting

All the necessary PPE is well undertaken by our management and staff along with the necessary safety files required for each site.

Let us show you what real service and quality finishes look like by allowing us the opportunity to quote on your next industrial coating project.

Professional Experience

Spalling Repairs

Spalling (Concrete Cancer) is most often identified by signs such as flaking (concrete spalling), rust stains that leach from the concrete. Bulging of the concrete or in some cases even fall off the building.The real problem lies within the concrete itself and is not a result of weathering.

As a general rule, Spalling is caused by the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab rusting. As steel rusts, it can expand up to 7 times its original size causing the surrounding concrete to be displaced and flakey.

The process can start in many ways, but generally, it is due to one of the following:

  • Poorly treated reinforcing steel being used in the original pour of the slab.
  • The reinforcing steel being too close to the surface allowing water to seep through concrete and react with the steel.
  • Incompatible metals being used in close proximity to each other, thus causing a reaction.
  • Fractures in the concrete allowing water to penetrate the concrete and react with the steel.

Spalled concrete is an eyesore and a hazard. Over time, with increased exposure to the elements, falling concrete debris causing likely injury and damage to property. Spalling concrete should be repaired immediately, as deferring the treatment will inevitably lead to increased problems into the future.

How to fix spalling.

Furthermore, any attempts to fix the problem for the short-term (such as parging over the problem) will only exacerbate the issue. Despite, potentially looking better, the rusting process will continue below the surface causing the steel to again displace the concrete. In many cases it will rust so badly that the steel eventually needs replacement. Treatment and repair of the concrete is the best solution.

Dafco , have staff who are trained in the identification of underlying issues. Once found we will begin the process of concrete spalling repair by removing all loose concrete, grinding back the reinforcing steel to remove all rust, treating the steel with anti-corrosives. Then patching the repair with a top quality concrete to match the original surface.



Staff Training

Dafco pride ourselves on the development of our staff and this includes ongoing training on safety. Correct product use as well as new developments in the technologies available.


Dafco carry all relevant saftey files and equipment for all body corporate painting. We are Full members of the Master Builders Association and the Master Painters Associations.

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