Re: Maintenance work Alaska during 2016 on quotes no.

Please take note of our sincere appreciation for the repair- and paint work that was done during 2016 on the exterior of Alaska.

Firstly, the manner in which you effortlessly assisted with selecting the combination of colours and mixing it to suit the exact tint of paint.

Secondly, the thorough inspection and repairs to the hidden spalling, was assuring and to the satisfaction of the selected members of the Board of Trustees.

The application of the paint work was of a high standard and showed that your company is proud of what they are doing by demonstrating that the workmanship must be perfect.

Lastly, and probably more important is the fact that your after care service is satisfactory and effortless in the manner that you attend immediately to queries etc. and finalizing loose ends without delays, arguments or ill feelings.

The BC of Alaska would without a doubt, recommend business with Dafco as it also makes general cooperation easier and quicker because of your company’s local residence.